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How does Onestop Parking App Work?

The Parking App lets you book the parking space in advance anytime - anywhere.
It also offers a range of features for parking partners.

OneStop Parking

1. Download Onestop Parking App

Parking App available for Android & IOS

Parking Space

2. Choose Parking Location

Enter the location where you need parking space

Vehicle Parking near me

3. Compare Parking Spaces

Filter Parking Slots based on price, location, distance etc.

4. Book & Pay

Choose from various modes of Payment Methods

Paarking App for Businesses

  • Smart Parking Solution using RFID Technology
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) solution
  • Advanced Parking Guidance System
  • FASTag based parking solution
  • Fleet Management solution
Parking App for businesses
  • Automatic gate entry/exit process
  • Anti Theft Feature
  • Wrong Parking Detection
  • RWA Dashboard
  • Cloud Based Ticketing solution
  • Owner Dashboard for real time analytics
  • Smart alerts and auditioning tools
  • Cashless parking facility
  • Online bookings
  • FASTag enabled automatic parking system
  • Automatic number plate recognition system
  • Automatic parking guidance system
  • Online bookings for parking


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Hassle Free Parking – Download our Apps

Avoid all parking worries now. Pre-book your parking spot on Onestop Paarking App. The Onestop parking apps is
a smart solution that contains a raft of features both for parking consumers as well parking partners.

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